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Welcome to the Apocalpyse, We are the bringers of Death, the Harbingers of suffering, if you
scream only the helpless will hear your cries, and only answer in prayers that they will not fall next to us.

What is yours is no longer. We take what we want and send all else to the inferno.The Wasteland is our home, as we shall shape it in our own image as we incase all the land in flames, for ash is where we harvest and feed.

We bring hell to the wasteland, for we are the cowboys who run this land.Join us or burn.
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LucianVrix, Jul 2, 10 11:31 PM.
THIS TUESDAY ROAMING PVP IN THE GALLOWS FOR ALL MEMBERS, pls all be on horseback, combat please for more efficient kills. contact Lucian Vrix for more info. will be started at noon (-5 GMT)

Scheduled PvP ops shall be scheduled on a weekly bases , as well as random ops given out at very random times, so far we will be mainly holding these on tuesdays.
If you wish to see a clan wide operation or event scheduled,please contact a hell rider to do so.
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